Episode 1

Published on:

29th Jan 2021

Jesus and the Drag Queen

Dan and Jo are back with Season 3 of Enough Room!!

In their first episode they recap some exciting developments in the first month of 2020 including a Drag Queen who came out very publicly as a Seventh Day Adventist Christian on RuPauls Drag Race Season 13.

There is definitely a lot of work to be done in the Christian church when it comes to affirming LGBTQ+ christians. However there is still a question to be asked about how we have reached a point where a Drag Queen can be so open and bold about their Christian faith. Not only boldly claiming to be a christian but also identifying as a Seventh Day Adventist Christian at that.

Has there been a shift in the church? How has this happened?

Join Dan and Jo as they revisit the story of Jesus and the woman at the well. The beginning of what they believe is a long history of Jesus followers breaking down barriers and boldly proclaiming their relationship with the loving Christ.

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About the Podcast

Enough Room
We are a gay Christian Adventist couple who believe that there is enough room for all in the family of God, no matter what our differences may be. We share stories and voices you may not always hear within our churches. We pray this creates positive conversations of hope and we pray that you may find a place here to be known, to be loved and to be...

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About your hosts

Daniel Laredo

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As a fourth generation Adventist, Daniel has never known life outside the church. He has a Bachelor's degree in music, biblical languages and media production. With much prayer and study, Daniel came to an affirming theological perspective after years of involvement with change ministries. He hopes to encourage others who are on their own journey of discovering their identity in Christ.

Jokatama Prasad

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Born and raised in the church, Jo never expected to find himself being pushed out by it. While Jo’s journey of self acceptance and a search for belonging has been challenging, it led him to find a loving God who was far greater than the sum of his painful experiences and hurt and a return to the church of his childhood. He hopes that all will be able to experience, as he has, a love that not only transforms them but also changes the way they see others.